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Acupuncture + Chinese Herbs improve blood circulation by balancing energy & stimulating the healing process for a number of physical and emotional elements & ailments.

Our treatments are specialized to each individual and their specific needs.

At Alchemy Marin we believe the benefits from acupuncture don't always have to be sought out for injury or sickness, but utilized as a preventative measure as well.  

:: Tui Na ::

Translated directed to “push pull” Tui Na is the physical aspect of Chinese Medicine. Focusing on the muscles, bones, and joints to heal chronic pain.

:: Electro stim (e-stim) ::

An additional option ; incorporating a continuous electric pulse via acupuncture needles to manage pain or intensify a treatment.

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Our mission @ Alchemy Marin is to make Chinese Medicine easy to understand.

We want to help make sense of the Eastern Philosophy, by making it not feel so foreign.  Our goal is for Chinese Medicine to be a series of small changes, & to ultimately fit smoothly into the lives of all of our patients. 

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Committing to a treatment plan is the most important aspect of our program at Alchemy Marin.   

Depending on what you are coming to see us for, you will be coached through the ideal amount of recommended (personalized) sessions for the given area of treatment necessary. 

If you are unsure that acupuncture is the right fit for you, please feel free to connect with us.  During your consultation we are happy to explain the many benefits & how specific & catered a treatment plan can truly be the to the individual.  


:: what to expect ::

Please allow for an hour and a half on your first visit. We will discuss the reason for seeking acupuncture, medical history, come up with a treatment plan, and allot time to treat. 

During a follow-up visit we will discuss the effects of the last treatment either keep the treatment plan consistent or adjust the treatment plan accordingly for increased results!