Why Microneedling is the Next Big Thing in Skin Care


More often than not, the next hot thing in professional skin care tends to be just that: hot. From fractional lasers to radio frequency devices and nearly every gadget in between, the reigning smoothing-and-tightening workhorses in our practice rely on intensely high temperatures to jump-start wound healing and, thus, collagen production in the skin. 

But, for the great many of you who don't choose the heat—as it flares up conditions like melasma and rosacea and can traumatize skin of color, causing it to darken unevenly (or you're pregnant or breastfeeding)—skin specialists are turning to mirconeedling. Not only do we offer microneedling here @ ALCHEMY MARIN, but we offer microneedling with PRP! (As opposed to a glycolic or serum, which is also available) "But what IS PRP??" You may be thinking?...  Basically, your own LIQUID-GOLD; produced by...none other than, YOU. Plasma Rich Platelet. PRP >>  If you choose to go the way of PRP with your treatment ; your blood is drawn (with the gentle touch of our amazing + experienced nurses) & it is then spun down in our medical grade centrifuge, and voila!!  The platelet rich plasma from your OWN body is separated, & then smoothed over your face, & used to boost that collagen production (while you listen to your favorite tunes of choice;)  Simply nothing better.

Further advantages, lie in a simple puncture vs. burn; resulting in a shorter recovery time, and less of that horrible road rash resulting from a profractional! yikes.  According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the numbers for chemical peels are climbing—hello, peel bars—surpassing even those recorded at the peak of their popularity in the ’90s. But it’s a less ubiquitous old-school resurfacing method that’s gaining increasing buzz for those seeking smooth, radiant results without the stinging or flaking: microneedling—a technique that uses a needle-studded wand (our specific pen is the best on the market) to drive tiny holes into the skin (down to the dermis) spurring collagen growth.  How else can you do that? You can't.  Skin must be injured in order to regenerate collagen production after the age 27.  Sad, but absolutely true.

The procedure has been quietly advancing with the times, despite its crude beginnings. “When I first started needling in the ’80s, I was gripping a single 30-gauge needle with a hemostat [clamp] and poking the skin repeatedly to get at fine lines and acne scars—painstaking, but it worked,” says Cheryl Burgess, M.D., a dermatologist in Washington, D.C. The new stamping pens derms wield today—the Cosmo MicroPen a favorite among them (what we have)—make for far faster work, of course, and are considerably cheaper than the higher-tech alternative of fractional lasers, which create similar pinpoint channels in the skin. (And not by coincidence: The technology was actually “patterned after the concept of needling,” says Burgess.)

Piercing the skin by any means can open one up to infection, so trust only a reputable derm if you’re not coming to see us (and, it goes without saying, sterile tools).  Why come see us over a derm? Like all the work we do, our staff is focused solely on our treatments, and have been trained extensively on them.  Would you rather be microneedled by someone who does it thousands of times in a year...or someone who just came from freezing off a wart?   

While some doctors do microneedling in lieu of laser work—especially for the heat-sensitive set—others perform the two in tandem. Denver dermatologist Joel Cohen, M.D., often uses microneedling as a low-downtime maintenance fix for Fraxel regulars who “want to help their skin stay smooth and taut in between laser sessions,” he says.

Further fueling the resurgent obsession with needling, Cohen notes, is the way it enhances the penetration of whichever hydrating, brightening, or rejuvenating actives are applied post-perforation. Microneedling enthusiast Mashell Tabe, an Albuquerque, New Mexico–based medical aesthetician who tends to Naomi Watts, believes so strongly in the treatment’s power to bolster product absorption, she sends clients home from needling visits with an Environ roller to use nightly along with supercharged serums preapproved by Tabe herself. The roller doesn’t pierce the skin as deeply as pro tools, but rather preserves those microchannels to keep the skin open and receptive to anti-aging nutrients.

“I want to scream it from the rooftops,” she says. “Done regularly, microneedling will make your skin act LIKE IT DID IN YOUR 20s—it’ll be thicker, it’ll glow, it’ll have the most beautiful tone and texture.” And, really, what could be cooler than that? 

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Did we mention, great for mom’s who are breastfeeding? 

Yup!  A great sub for your laser regime during this time!

Treats : 

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne Scars
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Stretch marks
  • Sagging skin

Especially great because...

  • It's minimally invasive + quick (half the down time of a profractional).
  • It's performed in-office w/ little downtime (you're busy).
  • It can be used on ALL skin types.
  • It can be used on all parts of the body : our most common - face / neck / decolletage / arms / hands + back.

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