Most people underestimate the immense power of a bright smile.

Do you look at a person's mouth when they are talking?  The expressions on your face & the movements of your mouth make help to give emotion to whatever you're saying.

Why not have that emotion be happy.   Let's not gross anyone out because of your love of wine'o'clock, morning coffees, soda, herbal teas, dark berries, the list goes on!  The Alchemists have a deep love for this list....and we are here to help with a quick and easy alternative to giving up those small life pleasures, ( as well as timely painful strips).


  • Single Session : $249 - 25 minutes.
  • With the purchase of any other treatment : $199 
  • Pack of 2 Tx's (recommended twice yearly) : $399 
  • Take Home Kit : $99 - or FREE with in-office treatment.