Microneedling is effectively used for:


  • Resurfacing skin: improving the texture of skin (without the use of heat or invasive lasers involving extended down time, or thinning of the dermal layer)

  • Melasma

  • Fading/removing stretch marks (!!) this is one of the only treatments that yields amazing results without heat or ablative lasers

  • Reducing/removing acne scars, as well as other scarring (including hypertrophic scars) caused by surgery or thermal burns

  • Fading/removing stretch marks

  • Reducing fine lines and deep wrinkles

  • Tightening sagging skin

What is Microneedling? 

Microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy (CIT) is a minimally-invasive treatment that vastly rejuvenates the skin. Microneedling is an aesthetic medical procedure that involves repeatedly puncturing the skin with tiny, sterile needles (microneedling the skin) in order to induce endogenous production of cutaneous collagen.

Percutaneous collagen induction (or medical microneedling) is a technique where a fractional microneedling device with fine micro-needles remolds the skin by creating thousands of microscopic channels through the skin, increasing the formation of new tissue by activating the body’s wound healing cascade (hemostasis-inflammation-proliferation-tissue remodeling). It is also referred to as a non-ablative skin treatment. This means that the deeper parts of the skin are treated without removing the top layer of skin. Who has time to be cooped up healing from a procedure that looks as though you've been dragged behind a car? Not us. And definitely not our clients with active California lifestyles.

Why Microneedling at Alchemy?  

Alchemy Marin delivers a medical grade service administered by a medical professionalThis is not a dermal roller, nor is it the same as any other needling treatment provided outside of a medical setting by an aesthetician or permanent make-up provider, where THERE ARE CONSIDERABLE RISKS of excessive and undesired trauma, cross-infection, and no control of accuracy and consistency for speed and depth. The needle depth and rate of application at Alchemy is tailored specifically to each client's skin and customized needs. This evaluation is included prior to your treatment, by one of our medical professionals at no charge. We could stop there, but why not read on if you want dozens more… 

A microneedling treatment at Alchemy Marin reaches down to layers of the dermis that actually stimulate collagen growth, unlike treatments administered by a non-medical related device which may only reach legal depths of just 0,15-0,25 mm--doing a bit of fluff, and really, not much else. Our medical grade device reaches depths of up to 2,50 mm. That’s one whopping difference.

Here at Alchemy Marin, we use disposable 12-pin french tips that have fine acupuncture grade needles and speed administered at 110 cycles/second, resulting in almost 1300 micro-channels per second. That’s 40% faster than any first generation devices out there and the most micro-channels per second on any device on the market. And that's not just within the US--our device is produced in France and rates #1 in Europe too. ;)

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Treatment Instructions

Pre-treatment: 2 weeks prior to scheduled treatment

  • Discontinue use of all retinols

  • Discontinue use of all glycolics

  • If prone to oral HSV, pre-treat with anti-viral medication

Day of Treatment:

  • Do your best to omit lotions, creams, make up, or deodorant in area to be treated.

  • Arrive with clean, freshly washed skin (you are welcome to cleanse here, and will receive additional cleansing and sterilizing prior to treatment).

  • Intake of all medical history and current medications.

Next Day: 24 hours post-treatment

  • You may clean your face gently and apply makeup, lotions, and other topical products approved by your practitioner, you will go through your products with your provider.

  • Stay away from exfoliants or glycolic acids that are present in cleaners, as these can make your skin very dry after the procedure

  • Be sure to use an approved SPF30 or greater sunscreen! Don't have one? We can provide you with a mini-tube of some of our favorites, just ask! :)