:: Andrea Manitsas ::

Andrea (affectionately called "Anj") has become known for a potent class with a whole lotta soul and a fierce flow; some dub it "SoulFlow."

Anj warmly invites students on a sacred journey through her unique expression of the Vinyasa flow that is dreamy & rhythmic whilst also being smart and intentional. Her classes incorporate mantras & chanting, philosophy, storytelling, meditation, breath awareness, essential oils, challenge, & space for a personal unfolding.

Anj continues to connect an ever-growing well of experience with impressive music & book libraries to inspire bodies to move, minds to focus, and hearts to heal.

As a professional reader/writer/editor, she works to imbibe her classes with the depth of the teachings.  Anj also leads worldwide yoga retreats & group meditation.

 :: Autym Sanson ::

Packed with sweetness & sass, Autym’s competitive spirit fuels her passion for for all things active.  With a background in dance, competitive swimming & weight lifting, Autym's love of strength training & conditioning continue to grow as her own personal mantra surrounding the ties between internal growth & external development continue to bloom.  

Autym dove head first into personal training by earning her PT certification from The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), with a corrective exercise certification from The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).   She then continued her education in Spartan Race Training, & Level 1 Olympic Lifting. 

She now serves as personal cheerleader for you in class & she pushes you to sweat, smile, & surpass your fitness goals!  

Outside of the Alchemy Marin team you can find Autym loving on her 2 pups & mountain climbing hubby, or on the beaches of Marin modeling for JAG.  

...besides her loving friendly demeanor, Autym isn't meant to be taken lightly, she makes everything look easy, DON'T fall for it!

:: Olivia Huls ::

The first thing you notice about Olivia is her bright, shining, positive energy. You'll leave her class blissfully happy.  The next day you realize how hard you worked.

Olivia’s yoga love affair began with her first Vinyasa Flow style class. The intense physical and mental challenge allowed her, for the first time in her life, to turn off the constant background anxiety she had always walked around with.  She would leave class feeling strong, empowered, happy, and at peace.  Olivia is excited to share her sixteen years of teaching experience at Alchemy. Her classes are vigorous and breath driven, with a focus on alignment, building strength…& having fun.

Olivia’s teaching is filled with compassion, empathy, & joy.  She encourages people to be light hearted & have fun, to work with their own unique bodies, to build a sustainable, injury free, lifetime practice.  Olivia believes that mindful movement and breath create the perfect safe place, to be challenged, practice equanimity, cultivate wellness, & to build skills for real life (aka skills to deal with being stuck in traffic).

“Yoga has given me the tools to be stronger, happier, less stressed, and better able to gracefully handle what ever life throws my way. I teach to share this powerful, joyful, practice with as many people as possible.”  

When not at Alchemy you can find Olivia tearing it up on the Salsa dance floor, on the water in a kayak, or creating ceramic sculptures. 

::  Brittany Lamb  ::

Lighthearted meets soulful is the journey you'll take in Brittany's class.  Expect to weave your spirit into your intention & leave feeling more whole, and frankly, a bit more equipped to face all of life's curveballs.

Brittany aims to create a safe space for students to show up as they are, but be prepared to be challenged & break a sweat!  She believes in growing the yoga community while creating connection along the way.   Brittany is a Baptiste trained Power Yoga teacher and has attended trainings on sacred grounds on the Big Island in Hawaii, Sedona, & also here at home in California. While originally being attracted to yoga for the way it physically made her feel, she quickly discovered that her practice was benefitting all aspects of her life. 

When Brittany is not at Alchemy Gather you'll find her leading retreats abroad, doing her annual volunteer work in Nepal, or creating large scale abstract oils paintings, writing, & sleeping in!