: TRX :

|| Tone up, FAST. ||

No really. If YOU'RE ready to kick into gear; WE'RE ready to get you the results you're after.

|| TRX TRAINING - Born from the US NAVY SEALS ||

TRX suspension training is a challenging, time-efficient, total body workout. Incorporating bursts of cardio with using your own body & it's natural weight as resistance.

We focus on balance, flexibility, & fat burning in this 50 minute small-group training class. We will hit every large muscle group with plenty of opportunities to challenge yourself, or modify, making it perfect for all ages!

If you are eager to see results we encourage you to sign up!

Class sizes are small & highly sought after. Drop-ins are welcome, but we encourage you to book in advance to guarantee a spot (each class is capped @10 people!)

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resistance training, hands down is one of the most effective ways to burn fat + build muscle. We utilize body resistance, high repetitions, & cardio intervals to enhance muscle definition and increase resting metabolism (so you even burn calories outside of the studio!)

We focus on problem areas like firming and lifting the glutes, toning the tummy, leaning out the thighs & creating definition throughout the arms and shoulders. Short cardio bursts paired with high repetition body weight and resistant band movements create the perfect well rounded training session to get you exactly where you want to be!